Features of Agile Project Management Software-According to Experts

Features of Agile Project Management Software

An iterative approach to project management, where large tasks are divided into many subtasks, is called the agile methodology. The latter implies that each completed subtask should be checked by a customer. IT companies widely apply the agile project management methodology.

The described approach to fulfilling tasks requires using specific software. Such applications help to make the working process even faster and more convenient. Before using it, business owners should find detailed information about the agile project management software on thematic platforms (e.g., Otherwise, they risk purchasing unsuitable applications.

When Did Agile Methodology Appear?


Software developers created this approach to project execution to save time and make their work more efficient. The agile technique makes it possible to:

  • quickly respond to changing customer needs;
  • get rid of unnecessary operations;
  • increase transparency in the creation of digital products.

The methodology arose based on the lean manufacturing concept. The latter was developed in the 40s of the 20th century in the Toyota company. The traditional agile technique includes scrum and kanban methodologies. The latter provides permanent releases. And scrum involves breaking down a task into iterations.

What Software Is Used Within the Agile Method?

Business owners apply different applications depending on the type of project management technique they follow (scrum or kanban). Moreover, the agile methodology requires using software for task evaluation.

What Is the Scrum Dashboard?

Scrum is based on a series of iterations of a fixed duration. Such iterations are called sprints. The sprint structure includes the following four components:

  1. Planning of volume of the next iteration by a developing team.
  2. Demonstration of work completed within the sprint.
  3. Synchronizing team operation by organizing everyday 15-minute meetings. It’s called daily stand-ups.
  4. Discussing the successes and failures of the current sprint and planning work for the next iteration. The stage is called retrospective.

So, scrum dashboards are used to visualize the order of subtasks execution within sprints. Here, the workflows are indicated in stages.

What Is the Kanban Dashboard?

Kanban is a technique that maps work to team resources. It helps to get the project done as quickly as possible. Kanban includes the following components:

  1. Making a list of subtasks or problems to be solved.
  2. Distribution of subtasks according to workflows, projects, etc.
  3. Setting subtasks’ limits (WIP) depending on team resources.

Work on a certain number of subtasks within the WIP limit with the ability to make releases at any time. Thus, Kanban boards are made up of columns and rows, along which subtasks move as they are completed. The subtasks are in the To-Do column until the WIP limit allows a team to move on to the next part of a project.

Work Evaluation and Planning

Jira Software is often used to evaluate projects, generate reports, and make digital product backlogs. Business owners can migrate to this application, for example, on the Project Management Migration Service website.

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