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How to Create a Snapchat Business Account In 2024

Are you interested in expanding your business through Snapchat? Do you want to create an online presence for your business on Snapchat? Do you want to grow your business through Snapchat’s public profile in 2024? If you are struggling with this problem then you are in a very accurate spot. This is because here you will get a complete detail regarding creating a business account on Snapchat along with many other necessary information.

As you know Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms, especially among young social media users. This social media platform offers many unique and exciting features to its users such as sending snaps, maintaining streaks, setting stories, making public profiles on Spotlight, and much more. Hence, it is justified to say that it is one of the best social media platforms that can rate information.

  • Enter your First and Last name and set a unique username for your account.

Tip: use such username that is easy to remember and looks attractive to others.
After that set a strong password for your account to ensure the complete security of your account.
Now, to complete the process enter your email address and set your date of birth on the column below.

Tip: only use such email address that you already use or its password is easy to remember. As it will help you in verification.

  • At last, Snapchat will send a security code for verification on your email address. Enter that code and your account is all set to be used.
  • You can even use your mobile phone number instead of your email address.
  • Set up Your Snapchat Business Account with the Help of Snapchat Ads Manager
  • After making your account, you are allowed to create a business profile on Snapchat. For that purpose follow these steps.
  • Search Snapchat Ads Manager or and log in through your account.
  • Simply put your username and password and you are ready to make a business profile.
  • After that enter your business information one by one that is required to add in columns that appear on your screen.
  • Enter your Business name, Business email, and your name at the end.
  • After clicking next, you will see a tab where you will be asked about the location of your business along with your business phone number
  • Enter your Business location along with Currency enter your Business phone number without any error and click next.
  • Later than creating a Business account you are allowed to create your first ad campaign and make your first ad account. Moreover, you can set up many ad accounts to launch as many ad campaigns for the growth of your business.
  • In addition to this, you are even allowed to select a suitable payment method depending on your location and business.
  • Your Snapchat Business account is all set to use. Start enjoying using your business account for the growth of your business.

Creating A Snapchat Business Account On The Web:

Although, Snapchat is a popular social media application on mobile devices. However, it has launched a special feature for web users.

You Can Create Your Business Account By Simply Following These Steps:

  • Search Snapchat on your web browser and click on Snapchat on the Web.
  • After that Look for Set up Snapchat Account online and click on
  • Later on clicking you will see the Login to a Snapchat tab.
  • If you have a personal account on Snapchat then enter the required information that as username and email along with the password.
  • In case, you are not using Snapchat before then click on the Sign Up that appears below.
  • Now repeat the same process that is mentioned above and start entering your information such as
  • First name, Last name, set username, etc.
  • Click Sign Up and Accept to pursue your application.
  • After filling in all these columns verify your account and start using it without any limitations.
  • Now, to set up a business account use your username and password on Ads Manager and start an advertisement campaign for your business.
    In addition to this, you can add additional information such as Billing and Payments options according to your convenience.

Snapchat Pubic Profile For Businesses:

Another exciting feature that is offering Snapchat for its business owners is the Snapchat business profile. Whether you are a content creator, business, or brand owner, run a small or large business. You can use this feature without any limitations.

Moreover, this option is one of the great opportunities for those who want to grow their business. This is because already hundreds of millions of users are using Snapchat. Among them, a very appreciable amount is using this option.

Hence, if your goal is to spread your brand or business awareness then this option is very suitable for you. Furthermore, it is a very smart choice to target a young audience via this option. This is because already millions of users are active on Snapchat Spotlight. So, you can easily share information regarding your business and brand. In case, you are not aware of how you can create a Snapchat Public Profile for Business then follow the steps listed below.

Steps Of Creating Snapchat Public Profile On Mobile Devices:

  • To create a Public Profile on Mobile Devices all you need is to install the Snapchat application on your mobile devices whether it is Android device or iOS.
  • Sign in to your business account on Snapchat if you are already running a business account related to your business.
  • In case, you are not using a business account then create a business account by following the steps that are mentioned above.
  • After creating your business account through Ads Manager click on your account profile by clicking the icon on the top left corner.
  • Then look down for the new option My Public Profile.
  • After that, a tab appears on your screen with the title “Introducing Your Public Profile”.
  • Just Click the option Okay that is listed below and all of a sudden your Public Profile is ready to use.
  • Now you can Edit and Preview your Profile by clicking the options that are present below your Name and Username.
  • Moreover, you can add stories and videos on Spotlight easily by clicking the options that appear on your screen.
  • In addition to this, you can check views on your stories and subscribers with the help of the Insight option that appears beside the Edit Profile and Preview your Profile.
  • After completing all these steps now you are allowed to share your content with a vast audience by simply putting stories and uploading short videos on Spotlight etc.

Steps Of Creating A Snapchat Public Profile Through the Web:

If you are interested in using Snapchat through your PC then there is no need to be worried. You can create and run a Snapchat Public Profile even through your PC without any limitations. To enjoy this facility follow the steps that are listed below.

  • First of all, search Snapchat on your Search bar.
  • After that, you are required to have a Business account on Snapchat. If you have already created a Business account then sign in to your account through the Log In option.

In case, you are new to Snapchat then create a Business account with the help of the guidance that is already listed above.

  • After entering all your required business information and verifying your account you are all set to use this account for making a Public Profile.
  • For that purpose, all you are required to do is go to your profile and click on the option My Public Profile.
  • Now press Okay and your Public Profile is all ready to use.

By using all these steps now you are allowed to share content publically related to your business and can target the right amount of audience in a very short time.

Note: To make a Snapchat Public Profile your age is supposed to be more than 18 years.
Benefits of Using Snapchat Business Account and Public Profile for Business

If you are new to starting a business then Snapchat is a very suitable social media platform. This is because it is one of the most used social media applications among the young generation specifically.

Moreover, you can get many other benefits that are listed below.
You can easily create your business account and Public Profile free of cost without spending any money.

Moreover, you can run ad campaigns at a very reasonable cost. All you are required to do is set your goal, decide your budget, and schedule your ads according to your comfort without any limitations.
You can set up as many advertisement campaigns as you want without any limitations and can expand your business without any leaps and bounds.

It helps you to easily target your young audience with more accuracy.
Snapchat business and Public Profile service is available in many countries of the world. So, you can go Global with your business with the help of this application.


Snapchat is one of the best applications for business owners due to its easy-to-use and unique features. This social, media application is offering many exciting features that are enough to engage audiences in millions of numbers daily. Hence by seeing this, it is clear that it has more potential to be used for business purposes as compared to other social media applications that are available in its competition.

Moreover, setting a business profile through this application is very easy and can be done on both mobile devices and PCs. Besides this, you can even engage the audience by sharing content publically on Spotlight which is also a very appreciable thing about this application. Hence, by seeing this, we can conclude that it is a smart decision to use Snapchat for business purposes especially in 2024 as this social media application is gaining popularity more and more with passing time.

Long story short, if you are unaware of how you can create a business account on this social media platform then the above-mentioned guide is enough to solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Make A Business Account On Snapchat?

Yes, you can make a Business Account on Snapchat by simply following the steps that are listed in this article.

Is A Snapchat Business Account Free To Use?

Yes, you can create and run a business account free of cost. However, running ad campaigns on Snapchat requires some cost depending upon the amount of ads you are interested in running on this application.

How Can I Link My Business Account With My Public Profile?

To Link your Business Account with a Public Profile Go to your Ads Manager.
Now click the Public Profile and select the ad account to link after clicking Settings.
Lastly, Select the Connect to Ad Account and your account is linked with the Public Account.

How To Delete My Public Account On Snapchat?

To delete your Public Account Click on the three Dots that appear on the top right corner of your Public account. Now scroll down and look for the option “Clear my Public Account”. Click this option and your Public Account will be removed along with content that you have already shared publically.

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