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RichPush Review 2024: is It Effective Ad Network?


This Article is about RichPush Ad Network and how you can use this Ad Network to Grow your Business Fast. RichPush is Push Notification Ad Network that can help you to drive targeted traffic through Push Notifications. Before going to Read RichPush Review, you need to know what push notifications are and how they work.

In the era of today’s world, Push notifications are considered to be the best engaging ads to target audiences effectively. They have become much more popular nowadays as they are much more convincing, unlike other ad types. With the help of native Push notifications, there are higher chances of getting quality traffic and high conversion rates.

Before implementing any ad network which offers Push Notifications, you must know what exactly push notifications are? How will they help you grow your business? What are the pros and cons of using push notifications? Which ad networks would be best for you to use push notifications? So in this article, we’ll discuss everything in detail about push notifications.

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What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are basically small popup messages that appear on the screen and leads the user to visit landing pages. Push notifications have been observed more in mobile applications. However, they support both platforms, desktop and mobile.

How Does Push notification work?

As you are now familiar with the push notifications, let’s move on to how it actually works. Well, push notifications are basically the popup messages that work simply and efficiently. Push notifications actually need client’s agreement, whether they want to see those push advertisements or not. If the client accepts the consent, push notifications would appear, which takes him/her to the landing page if he/she clicks on that advertisement.

RichPush Review 2024:

RichPush Home

If you have been looking for an ad network that offers Push notifications advertisements, then probably have come to the right place. Since thousands of ad networks are available on the internet, it might be difficult for you to choose the best one for your business.

In this article, I’ve researched and personally tested each ad network and found RichPush to be the best Push ad network with stunning features that could rapidly grow your business. RichPush is another push notification ad network it is founded in 2014. RichPush is the only ad network with a subscriber base of about 35,00,00,000 people worldwide. RichPush is known to be the best push ad network that functions not only in limited countries but worldwide.

RichPush Alternatives:

RichPush Ad Network Details:

  • Company Name: Rich Push.
  • CEO Name: Eugene Valuev.
  • Commission Type: CPC and CPM
  • Minimum Payout: No Minimum Payout.
  • Payment Option: WebMoney, CC, wire.
  • Payment Frequency: net 30.
  • Referral Commission: 10%.
  • Website:

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How RichPush Ad Network works?

How RichPush work

As I told earlier, if you want to use push notifications on your website or mobile application, the user must have to accept the agreement to receive push notifications. So let’s get started how push notification works. Simply the advertisers need to set a title, description, and image for the push notifications. After setting up all that, whenever some user clicks on the push notifications, he/she will be straight away redirected to the new website or an app usually known as a landing page.

Conditions to Join RichPush Ad Network:

Following are the only conditions required by RichPush ad network:

Being a publisher, register yourself as a publisher on the RichPush ad network. One good thing about the RichPush ad network is that they don’t have such strict rules and regulations for an account to be approved. This means that your account would be instantly approved as soon as you have applied for the account. Once done creating the account, now to show push advertisements on your website or application, simply you need to place a chunk of code on your site to show Push notifications. RichPush will provide you with the code which you need to add on your website. That’s all you need.

Campaign Setup in Rich Push:

Rich push is one of the best and popular Push Notification ad networks by using this network; you reach easily to your target audience through push notification. It has 300 million active subscribers from all over the world, and the minimum rate on every click is $ 0.003.

Here are some things that you need to know before creating your first Advertising Campaigns.

  • The title of the campaign must be 30 or less than 30 characters.
  • The icon image is 192 x 192 pixels, and the size of the file is 100kb.
  • The messages should be consist of 45 or less than.
  • The main picture of the campaign is 492 x 328 pixels with the 100kb file size.

Pros and cons of RichPush:

RichPush New Home

Since every ad network has some advantages and disadvantages over other ads networks. Some of the pros and cons of RichPush ad networks are as follows:


  1. Instant account approval without any requirements, which means any publisher can apply for this ad network.
  2. High conversion rates lead to generating more revenue.
  3. A 24/7 support center is available for you if you encounter any issues.
  4. Compliant with Google ads policies.
  5. Convenient to use.
  6. High-quality traffic.
  7. User-friendly interface.
  8. High ROI of up to 114%.


  1. Image resizing is not available.
  2. Delayed moderations.
  3. Slow support Center due to a large number of requests.

RichPush CPC &CPM Rates:

RichPush is considered to be a money-making machine. Thousands of companies have earned a lot using this ad network since it has high conversion rates. RichPush keeps the audience engaged by sending them Push notification which has subscribed to them.

Once you have implemented RichPush ads on your website, you’ll start noticing the increase in your earnings as they have the best CPM and CPC rates which would generally let you earn millions of dollars using this ad network. The CPM rates are based on the clicks and conversions which are brought through the traffic. The more is the traffic, the higher the chances of conversion rates.

How much can I earn through RichPush?

RichPartners Calculator

In simple words, you can earn a pretty handsome amount if you are getting good traffic monthly. You can even calculate the rough idea of your earning by using the RichPartners calculators, which is the same as RichPush. The only difference is that RichPartners is for the publishers, while RichPush is for advertisers.

RichPush Features:

RichPush comes with various features. However, some of the highlighted features of this ad network are as follows:

Ad Viewability: With RichPush ads, there is fewer chances of loss of your ads but a high percentage of viewability. According to the reports, it is observed that there is 94% of viewability in RichPush ads.

Wide Reach: RichPush ads generally work on every geographical location without any restrictions. One good thing about this network is that there is no special requirement of joining this network, and as a result, there are around 35,00,00,000 subscribers from more than 150 countries worldwide. The countries include India, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, the Philippines, Colombia, Iran, Indonesia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

No Bot Traffic: The best thing about this push ad network is that there is no fear of traffic from bots as a push notification. There are 100% of human users.

Low CPC: We learn in the above discussion the push ads charged per click, so the CPC is small it is $0.003, but tier 1 and two countries have a little bit higher cost.

The Different Niches for Advertisers Which Works Excellent:

This network is working on all kinds of niche, but some have the best performance on this network; the names are mentioned below.

    • Dating.
    • Mobile Apps
    • E-commerce
    • Loans.
    • Nutra.
    • Health man.
    • Gambling.
    • Crypto.
    • Betting.
    • Casino.
    • ICO

Advantages of the RichPush For Advertisers:

We explain the above paragraphs this network is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers, and above we explain some pros for publishers nowhere similar to the publisher, some advantages of RichPush for advertisers explain the following points.

  • The option of custom targeting is available, which allows the whitelist and blacklist.
  • This network allows the option of retargeting, especially for advertisers.
  • It gives excellent dedicated support or a 24/7 personal support manager or team available.
  • To drive more traffic, the RichPush gives you a cost-effective click.
  • The advertisers get more revenue because it has a significant rate in the industry.
  • There are no special requirements to join this network.
  • 100% of Real users No Fake or Bot Traffic.

RichPush Payment Details:

For outstanding publishers, they process their payment on a NET 30-day basis.

  • Minimum Payment: You can withdraw any amount you earned
  • Payment Method:  PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer and CC.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Referral Program: The publishers get a 10% commission by referring Publishers and Advertisers.

RichPush Minimum Deposit:

The RichPush minimum deposit is $50 for advertisers which offers a full-service pack including the personal manager. Payment can be deposited using one of the following methods:

  • Web money
  • CC
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

As we are proud Partner with RichPush Ad Network so uCompares users can get now an exclusive 15% bonus on their first deposit. To avail, this offer all you need to do is click on the below link to join RichPush.

RichPush Coupon Code:

RichPush is also Offering some Coupon codes for advertisers. If you have not started any Campaign on RichPush, then begin your first Campaign by clicking below to get a 15% exclusive Discount. You can also use the below RichPush Promo Code to get discount.

RichPush Promo Code: Get Coupon Code Here

RichPush Support:

They also provide live support for their Publishers and Advertisers. If you are facing any problem, then you can use their support chat to talk with their support team. Their support team is available 24/7.

Skype: live:support_70758

PichPush Contact Details:

Here are some Contact Details of RichPush Ad Network:

  • Email:
  • Address: Oktyabrskaya str, 16/3 Office 33, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

Do I Recommend RichPush AD Network?

Join RichPush Ad Network

Yes, I Do Recommend to Join RichPush Ad Network because it is one of the best Push Notifications Ad Network. Unlike other ad networks, RichPush is a far better option for your website as it is known as one of the most popular ad network having 300 million subscribers worldwide.

The minimum CPC is 0.003, which is quite useful if your website has the right amount of traffic. As a publisher, I would surely advise you to check this fantastic ad network which would help you generate massive revenue by implementing native push notifications. With the help of this network, many people drive more traffic, and everyone knows that more traffic gives more conversion due to this action, it is also increased in the revenues.

The publishers and Advertisers who have used RichPush Ad Network can share their experiences below.

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