How To Use The “Full-Screen Shortcut”? (2023)

Use The “Full-Screen Shortcut”

Do you want to enhance your focus on an important project and want to use the full screen? Do you want to use full screen to watch an important video that you want to focus completely on? Are you looking for a way to use your normal day-to-day browser in full screen? Or do you want to know the shortcut that can convert your window into a full screen? If yes, you have come to the right place. We will be showing you the entire process of converting your window into a full screen on various operating systems and various devices that people normally depend on for their definitive internet surfing.

Keep on reading to know why someone would need to look for this shortcut and why would they want to use this shortcut in the first place.

Why Do You Need A Full-Screen Shortcut? 

Computers normally offer plenty of different options that you can use, these include utilities like shortcuts, accessibility features that you can play with to give a custom look and feel to your computer, and generally customizing your experience of using the machine.

Changing themes, using shortcuts, changing your desktop background, and changing your icons to give your computer a reorganized and minimalistic view is always a positive change, but you don’t always want to change your setup the traditional way, sometimes you want something quick to help you save time and to give you a faster and a slicker experience on your desktop, this is where shortcuts come in.

You need to know the basic shortcuts to help you go about your way on your computer and surf the internet in a faster and an efficient manner. All you need to do is simply Google the shortcut you’re looking for and you will know the answer to your question in no time, this case, we will be talking about the “full-screen shortcut”

Full-screen Keyboard Shortcut Windows 10:

There are a total of two keyboard combinations that people use for going full screen, now keep in mind that this works in almost all tools, software, and games that support the full-screen feature so you don’t have to worry about if every tool or software has a separate full-screen shortcut that you can use.

Now to go in-depth, even among the two features that we’ll disclose in a second, you should know that both these features are not applicable in every program, and the fact that there are two separate features for the same purpose shows us that these must be used in different formats and in different kinds of programs or applications on your pc. So, this basically tells us that the combination that you’ll be using to go full screen will depend on the type of app you’ve currently got your hands on.

For most games and apps that people normally use, you can use the shortcut of “Ctrl + Enter”.  This combination will simply allow you to enter the full screen in almost all of your average day-to-day programs and games. Now comes the part of leaving this full-screen mode, you could also do it manually but since we’re discussing shortcuts, you can use the same combination to leave it as well, so if you go “Ctrl + Enter” to enter the full screen in the first place, pressing “Ctrl + Enter” again will allow you to exit your full-screen mode, and you will be taken to “windowed” mode of that program, which is the same situation that you were in when you entered the full-screen mode.

Now, let’s move on to using shortcuts to enter full-screen mode on browsers, so what you’ll have to do is press the “F11 key” on your keyboard, which is the single key shortcut to entering full-screen mode for browsers and some programs too if that doesn’t work for you, try pressing “Fn + F11”, which will surely work for you, the reason behind the “F11 key” not working for some users is that some computers and laptops differ from the ones that work with the F11 key, the main difference that causes this in laptops and computers is in the keyboard structure of the computer.

If there are two separate computers where the keyboard structures differ from one another, then it’s probable that you’ll have to use the two separate commands in the two separate computers, the reason for this is behind their unique keyboard style, so simply implementing the shortcut of “F11” to go full screen won’t work on one of the two PCs.

Now let’s move on to a more dire problem, that occurs when you try both these combinations or shortcuts, and it still won’t work, now the reason isn’t that the shortcut or the combination was wrong, the reason here is that the program and the application that you’re trying to use in Full-Screen mode does not support this feature, there are many software, many tools and many programs that don’t support this feature, and there’s no way around this, you won’t be able to access a Full-Screen mode in these programs anyway, due to the reason that they simply don’t acknowledge and perceive your tries for this purpose, as they simply don’t support the feature you’re trying to use.

Full-Screen Keyboard Shortcut on Mac:

So let’s say, you want to use said software in full screen to focus as much as you can and get rid of every other thing in your sight, but the catch is you’re on Mac, and you don’t know how to, so all you have to do is use the command, “Cmd+Ctrl+F” and guess what, you will enter the full-screen mode for that program, but the thing is, that specific program must support a full-screen mode, and only then you’ll be able to enter it. Otherwise, nothing will happen, however, it could also be a question of if the shortcut was correct or not, if you believe that there could be a mistake in the combination you input, then try entering the combination again and then try seeing if the software itself supports this mode that you’re trying to enter.

If it does not, then you know the answer to this question.

You can also try looking for the full-screen mode manually, to do this, click on the green circle in the top right corner of your app window, and then go to “View”, this will give you a variety of options to choose from, but you’ll have to choose “Enter Full Screen” to enter the full-screen mode of this specific program. Now if the app doesn’t support full-screen mode, the green circle will be a little bit grayed out, so if you see a grayed-out “green button” at the top right corner of your app window, then you should know that the app doesn’t support the Full-Screen Mode that you’re trying to enter. Don’t waste your time trying to enter full-screen mode on that app, as you can’t do anything about the fact that it doesn’t have what you’re looking for, so you’ll have to leave the program sadly or use it the way its meant to be used by the developer.

The Full-Screen Keyboard Shortcut For Chrome Book!

Chrome books are known to have several different handy shortcuts that you can surf through Chrome book with more efficiency, which further illustrates the fact that going Full Screen on Chrome Book has never been easier, all you have to do is press a single button!

The button is located in fifth place from the left of your keyboard, and you’ll find it in the top row. So now, let’s say you entered full-screen mode but you don’t know how to exit it, press the same button again, and you’ll leave the Full-Screen Mode in no time.

Remember when we discussed the fact that there are some programs that don’t support this feature? Well, the same is the case with Chrome Book apps, not all chrome book apps support full-screen mode which is why you won’t be able to center full-screen mode, however, it’s not as simple as stated here, and you can also get confused on whether the issue is with your keyboard or if the application trying to open in full-screen mode doesn’t support this feature, you can quickly rule this question out by launching a program that you’re sure has a full-screen mode, after launching it, try entering the full-screen mode of this program, if it works then you’ll know that there’s nothing wrong with your keyboard and that the app simply doesn’t support the feature!

The Full-screen Keyboard Shortcut In Linux?

Linux users are of course also able to enter full-screen mode in this operating system, you will have to press “F11” if you want to quickly make the app you’re using, Full Screen.

However, you can also face the same problems as any other operating system, and you can also implement the same solutions to some of these problems, one of the problems that you can face right now is, you won’t be able to tell if there’s something wrong with the button that you’re pressing or the app doesn’t support this feature, one thing you can do here is launching a program that you know supports this mode and try entering the full-screen mode if you can enter it without any issues then you should come to the conclusion that the application you’re trying to open in full screen, doesn’t support this feature, at all. Don t try to waste your time trying to open the app, as you simply won’t be able to use this feature, for the reason that this feature doesn’t exist in the application, plus all you have to do is use the application as it was intended to be used, and you’ll probably do better than if it was in Full Screen.

Why Should You Use Full Screen In Every App That Supports It?

The use of Full-Screen mode is done only to save your sight from being engaged in something that would distract you from the target, so when you use this feature, contrary to the fact that something else might engage you or distract you from focusing, this actually helps you focus and grow your interest in the project of matter over time, all you have to do is enable or use this feature whenever you feel distracted from the purpose of opening your laptop or turning your PC on in the first place, which is why its recommended that you use this feature in every app that supports it. It can serve an extremely important purpose when working or even when being entertained by watching a video that you like, or working on something that you can’t afford to lose time on, if this is the case you must use this feature and see for yourself how it helps you!


So far, we have discussed different aspects of using Full-Screen mode in the applications that support it, how one can distinguish a program that supports this feature from a program that doesn’t seem to support this feature, how to use the Full-Screen mode throughout different operating systems, all you need to do is read the article carefully and read it till the end, so if you missed any part above, make sure that you give it a little bit of analyzing and give it a good read! We hope that you got the information that you were looking for, we further hope that you understood everything and didn’t face any problem parsing the package and understanding what we were stating above, we hope that you now know how to use the shortcut and what are some possible problems which you can potentially face along the way, we further wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors!

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