Ways to Create Business Website For Free in 2024

In this modern and digital era, technology has played an important role by innovating new tools and equipment to make work life more easy and convenient. Technology has completely shifted manual working to automatic work by using advanced machines. There are many humans who are doing job and some are doing their business to earn extra dough for their family.

When you are doing job then you don’t have to deal with extra responsibilities of company, you just need to stick with your daily work but if you are running business of any scale then you will be responsible of its each and every point and you have to deal with all the things. Businesses need to design their own websites because its quite important to reach out audience online and display your products and content to attract heavy traffic of customer toward your baby brand. So designing website is the only key that will boost up the recognition of your brand online.

In this digital era, where humans need to spend more time on the internet and prefer to do online shopping, it becomes very important to make website for even primary scale businesses. If you are beginner, you can just design simple website in which you need to do some graphic designing to make it attractive with some catchy content and display of all the products and services that your brand has. Well designed and fully-operational website will give your business strong edge in industry. Websites will easily expand your baby business.

There are different online software’s available that one can use for designing any website, this software’s have simple and easy steps that one can use to design attractive website. Beginners don’t need to understand and learn coding especially for designing or operating website. Despite of the type of business you are running, you just need to follow some of the basic rules and regulations to give a professional look to your website. There are different budget friendly website builders are also available if you want to get help in designing your website. There is no sound experience and skill or degree needed for designing professional websites.

Things To Consider While Designing Professional Website

When designing a website, there is no specific structure that fits all type of business websites. Every business has different content and options so they design according to their choice but few of the basic rules and regulations are there that you need to keep in mind while designing a website. Owners need to explain their goals to the website designer, so that they will apply all the design elements and specific tools to achieve their goals.

For example, if you are designing any website for a medical clinic then you need a completely different structure and content as compared to the structure needed for designing any architecture firm. When you are starting the process of designing website you need to clear few of the following questions.

What is the basic information that you need to communicate with site visitors?
What actions you want visitors do when they visit the website?
How will you display your product and service?
Is it necessary to have an online portfolio to show the value of your brand to potential customers?

Steps-By-Step Guide To Make Your Business Website:

Your website is one of the best way for the effective sale and attract heavy traffic of customer towards your brand. By following few steps, you can create an engaging website that attract visitors and excites them to work with you. Following are some of the basic steps.

Decide And Evaluate The Basic Purpose Of Your Website:

Business website is basically a platform or a place where you will give all the information related to your company, or sometimes websites serve as the direct platform for e-commerce. It depends on your choice that you want to design simple or complex website for your company but the main thing you need to focus is to explain what are the features and services you company is offering and the details of all the perspectives of your company. The details of the company must be visible on the main homepage of your website.

There are different experts and they shared their opinion while saying that “whatever the goals of your website are, whatever the focus of your website is, you need to ease the points so that user can easily reach to the point that they are searching for, by this the goal of your website will automatically strengthen when user scroll throughout your website”. You need to arrange points of payment method in your website as well so that customers can easily access the point and do online payment. Companies also use any third-party service to receive customer’s payments.

Determine Your Domain Name:

Determining the domain name for your website is very important, basically, it is the URL that you can share with your present and past potential clients and you can promote your website on social media by using URL. Therefore, it is recommended to use easy to remember and easy to enter URL. So you need to make a short URL, with crystal clear abbreviations, try to avoid acronyms and numbers because it is quite confusing for customers.

You also have to finalize that what is going to be your top-level domain (suffix that is present at the end of a main domain name) such as .com, .net, .biz etc. in past few years many organizations start using non-traditional TLDs at the end of their domain name like they select TLD according to the location or name of company or anything else like .marketing, .agency, .nyc etc. these non-traditional TLDs are still not approved by the government. Legally user just need to use .com at the end of domain name.

When you have decided your domain name now you need to check or confirm the availability of this domain name. when you get the availability of specific domain name now move on next to purchase the domain name from registrar. Popular registrar for purchasing domain name are:

Now that you have purchased your domain name, check the copyrights to ensure that you are not violating any other’s protected name. if you preferred some Domain name but someone is already using it then you can take help from the company and ask the company to buy this specific domain name from them so that you can use it. another way is you can use domain purchasing service from the company, then they will reach out to the owner of that domain but this whole process is quite time-consuming and expensive like it cost around $60-100 per domain.

Select Web Host:

Every business need to have their host, that is the server where all the data is stored that any one can easily access at any time. Every product with detailed description is available on the host so customers can access it without any permission or barrier. It is recommended that business man’s need to hire an external host because hosting your own website is quite difficult and expensive. There are two hosting routes and the owner can choose the best route depending on their budget.

Firstly, shared web host, this route is popular because its less expensive but drawback is that you need to share your hosting server with other websites as well. Secondly, dedicated hosting, this is quite expensive but this will give you your own private server where all the data related to your website is present. you are not commanded to share your server with other sites that will slow down your browsing and loading speed. There are many web hosting platforms available like Squarespace, Wix etc. there are different options for web hosting are mentioned bellow.

1&1 Lonos:

this web hosting company or platform is popular because of Cloud hosting. It offers cloud-based options for backup of the site data as well. Its pricing plan starts from $15/month.
A2 HOSTING: This hosting platform offers both shared or dedicated options. It offers Lite hosting plan for the beginner that cost around $3.91/month. This is only for initial years.
DREAM HOST: this is quite different with multiple options like three hosting plans are available. Dreampress, Dreampress plus and Dreampress pro. All of them have different pricing plan but mostly starts from $16.95/month.

When you are planning for some hosting plan, the owner need to check that how accurately the host can give the answers of all the questions about location of the server and its reliability. If you are in search of different hosting option who give free service than it will effect the server quite a lot.

Build Your Web Pages:

A professional website is more than just a homepage. You have to create multiple pages representing multiple aspects of your business. A contact page is very important that will directly link your customer with you. So you have to add much information related to your contact on this page. Now you need to hire a graphic designer to design attractive theme for your website and design a logo for your business. This will help the customer to search your business. Following are the basic tips that you need to add while building pages for your business.

Explain clearly the services and objectives of your business
Try to add call to action option on your about or contact page.
Add automated speed improving software
Keep your website away from stock photos.

Test, Publish And Market Your Website On Social Media:

Test that your website is operating on all the search engines and browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. You have to put these efforts to avoid future complaints from customers. Make sure that your website is displaying its every aspect properly on all the mobile devices. This step must be checked before publishing your website in market.

Start doing promotions by using different marketing strategies on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc to increase the customers flow on your website as well as these social media pages will let your customers to get any update on your company. Try to add the link of your social media accounts on your website. The best place to add link is in the footer that customer can easily check.

Invest In The Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

When you plan to submit or publish your website on different large scale search engines it will help you to add strong SEO strategy to your website. SEO plays important role in diverting heavy customer traffic on your website. There are different SEO related scheme that you can add and they will help you to improve your business rank. Few of the on-site SEO techniques are following.

Choose the right and easy keywords for your business website.
Display fresh and updated content on your website.
Try to add all the related links on your website that can be easily accessible by customers.
Compress all the visible data like photos and videos so that it will not affect the loading speed.
Try to add speed insights on your website to maximize its loading and browsing speed.

Maintain And Monitor Your Website:

Try to stay active on your website and add all the updated and fresh content, add blog posts related to the current circumstances running in industry, add new offers, deals and products. Monitor the overall performance of your website on monthly basis. Check the performance of your software and try to update software regularly to avoid bugs. When you do regular updates of your website it will decrease the chances of hacking. Try to monitor the website security.
Do these monitoring work by yourself and if you don’t have maximum time then hire a trustworthy employee specifically for this purpose. Monitor the performance and check the success points of your website and address the points that need more struggles and efforts.


Every business need to design their website so that it can help the customers from all over the world to reach your business and check what are the services your company is offering. Business websites with strong SEO divert heavy customer traffic on your website to boost up the growth of your business. Designing a website for your business is quite easy and you do not need to learn coding for this process but still there are many software’s available that you can use to design your professional website.

There are different steps mentioned above that will help you in designing website. Make sure to keep your website updated with new products and services so that one can easily do online shopping and access the services that your company is offering. Owner need to regularly monitor the performance of their website and address the lacking point to improve the growth rate of their business.


What is the minimum cost of designing website for primary business?

Designing website for business is quite expensive but you need to invest your money in website as it will help the business to grow abruptly. Small business website ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 approximately. This roughly estimated cost is highlighted because cost basically depend on type of business you are running.

How much time it will take to design a business website?

If you have small scale business, then it will take few days to design your business website. And if you have large scale business then it will take months to design your website. Typically the estimated time is around 2 to 4 months.

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