Essential Online Tools for Students 2024 (According to Experts)

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Essential Online Tools for Students 2024:

There are a plethora of essential online tools out there designed to help you manage time, organize your thoughts, and keep your workspace clean and orderly while working on your projects at college. Luckily, there are various internet tools that can help you stay on top of your game during arduous college days.

Take a look at our selection of the best online tools in 2022 that can boost your productivity in no time!


Online tools like Zoom have enabled students all around the world to communicate regardless of their location. Zoom includes a number of handy tools, like Zoom Chat, Zoom Polls for creating entertaining questions that can be discussed during group meetings, Zoom Whiteboard for drawing in multiple colors, and more. You can organize seamless group video chats with your peers to discuss whatever can help you succeed in college, whether it be ‘can someone do my dissertation professionally?’ or feedback on your professor’s study strategy.


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform designed to make learning fun. It’s all about getting students excited about classes through engaging games and quizzes. A staggering 74% of teachers use game-based learning to supplement their courses.

Teachers can create games around any topic, invite students to play, and grade their performance. So if you think that learning should be more fun, check out this amazing educational resource and ask your professors to use it in class!


Keeping track of everything at once can be a challenge, especially if you’re swamped with information and tasks. This is why a digital tool like Wizer, which provides pre-made templates and an easy-to-use program for producing worksheets from scratch, is a blessing.

You may customize your worksheets using Wizer’s smart tools and incorporate your favorite videos, audio, and images, and then share them with others. Wizer-generated worksheets are simple and intuitive to use, easing the strain on both students and teachers.


Have you ever experienced difficulty completing your task simply because you cannot resist the urge to check your phone every 5 minutes? Well, you are not alone. Social media dependency is on the rise among young people in particular, as are the many ways it can interfere with learning.

Apps like ColdTurkey have been designed to help you beat your phone addiction and devote due time to your tasks. It allows you to block all your social media temporarily, helping you master the necessary self-control so indispensable to your progress.


Students can use OneNote as a digital notepad to keep their tasks organized. With information constantly flooding students’ minds, it is easy to become disoriented and lose sight of proper management.

Free note-taking tools like Microsoft’s OneNote can help you organize your tasks in separate notebooks, custom-design your whiteboards and slides, sync your notes with video, and much more. Whether you’re looking for a perfect title for your YouTube video via a youtube title generator or a perfect introduction for your novel, you can store different versions in separate notebooks and return to your notes whenever you feel like it. What’s more, you can set up passwords to safeguard your notes and chat with students and professors in group sessions.


Nothing is more frustrating than being asked to create a graph or an infographic for your class when you have no idea how to do that. Online tools like Canva ease the process, allowing you to generate top-notch visuals without having to learn sophisticated tools. Canva also includes a plethora of design and photo-editing options.

The Bottomline:

Succeeding at college in 2022 is more difficult than most people realize.  It is becoming increasingly challenging for students to hone organizational skills in our fast-paced, digitized society. Therefore it’s a godsend that ample online tools exist to ease the burden on students and help them excel during college days.

Michael Carr is a journalist and a blogger. Michael’s work as a journalist primarily focuses on political and social problems. As a blogger, he creates comprehensive guidelines for students and teachers in order to help the educational sector. People praise Michael’s articles for their easy-to-follow educational content.

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