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Best Membership Affiliate Programs For Publishers 2024

Membership Affiliate Programs:

An affiliate program allows you to pay commission to the associate who refers a new member to your website. By this, you can have new members and fans to promote your membership course online. Only the people who become a member of your website can be the affiliates. Whenever an affiliate sends a customer to your site and purchases something, the commission automatically goes to the pocket of the subsidiary.

If you are looking for a way to promote your membership site, an affiliate program is the best option in this regard. A question might moves in your mind that why marketers need membership affiliate programs?

Here is the answer, there are several reasons for getting a membership affiliate programs. It benefits you a lot in the digital marketing industry and gives you optimal results.

Reasons for Using Membership Affiliate Programs:

It is a good idea to have affiliate programs as it promotes your business without making too much effort. Here are some reasons for using membership affiliate programs.

1. High conversion rates:

Using the right strategies and make use of the best membership affiliate program for your website helps the affiliates to increase traffic for your website by converting the visitors into customers that help them to enter the sales funnel and thus promote your sales.

2. Promote Brand Awareness:

When the visitors will visiting your site and find your product interesting, they will recommend that product to their friends and other people to buy that product. By doing this, the awareness of your brand will increase among the people band will result in the promotion of your brand.

3. Increase Your Sales:

If more and more people are entering into your sale┬┤s funnel, then it will result in increasing sales that is a man plus point in the business.

The increase in the number of customers means an increase in sales and the promotion of business is possible only because of growing more members of the website.

4. Make an Effective Deal:

Digital marketing is a kind of agreement in which you pay to the affiliate when a sale is made you cannot pay to anyone without making sales,

So in this matter, you are free from the fear of risk that you will lose your money if you will invest or spending more money than you might get back.

5. You Can Mold a Membership Affiliate Program According to Your Needs:

It’s up to a user that which affiliate program he should choose that must meet their needs and budget. So, it depends on you how you can run your affiliate program to get better performance?

There are no hard rules for running a membership affiliate program that works best for you and your website.

How Membership Affiliate Programs Help You?

It allows you easy access to exclusive deals and quality content, website owners, and business people use these programs to increase the revenue of their businesses.

Here in this article, you will get a piece of knowledge about various membership affiliate programs that you can use to increase the income stream and make more money with your affiliate website.

Best Membership Affiliate Programs 2023:

Following is the list of best membership affiliate programs for publishers and bloggers in 2023 and 2024.

  1. MemberPress.
  2. Dollar Shave Club.
  3. BJ’s Wholesale Club.
  4. Sam’s Club.
  5. Good Sam Travel Assist.
  6. MonthlyClubs.
  7. Genie Traveler.
  8. WishList Products.
  9. GOjoinGO
  10. Six-Figure mentors.
  11. MemberMouse.
  12. Wild Apricot.

It’s now effortless to earn passive income every month with the help of a membership affiliate programs even you get the chance to get more commission by referring affiliate programs to others.

1- MemberPress:

It is a popular affiliate program that creates WordPress software so you can focus mainly on collecting more members than the website. Affiliates make use of their Affiliate Royale plugin for WordPress to track commission.

It supports their affiliates by providing them banner ads, text links, as well as an email and also contains advanced features like dynamic prices, coupons, community forums, and many more. So, you can achieve a one-time and recurring commission for your online content.


  • This program is free of cost to join and provides monthly payouts.
  • Affiliates are offered 25% of recurring commission for each referred sale and 5% on the second, tiered commission.

2- Dollar Shave Club:

Pepperjam powers the program. Dollar Shave Club helps the members to save all their bathroom grooming supplies from collecting the money and time. They deliver all the products that you need to look gorgeous at your doorstep every month.

Members can choose shave, oral care, and shower kit according to their own choice. Members are allowed to cancel their order at any time if they don’t need the product or backed by their satisfaction guarantee. Dollar Shave Club gives easy access to its affiliates to approach banner ads, text links, coupons, and related keywords. Its promotional methods include email marketing, incentives, blogs, and product review.


  • It provides 15% commission on razor items and 12% on non-razor items.
  • It allows 3 days cookie to track the performance.

3- BJ’s Wholesale Club:

It is a leading membership warehouse club in 16 states on the East Coast. It gives a lot of benefits to its members like a free in-club pickup, prices, same-day product delivery, and exclusive club brands even the amounts mentioned in the products are comparatively lower than the market price that helps the members to save their money by a shopping trip.

It allows access to the product data feeds and unlimited occurrences during the cookie lifetime, which means you can make more money from the same referral each time.


  • It offers 1 to 3% commission to the affiliates for each sale.
  • allows 60 days cookie period.


It is one of the best membership affiliate program that provides access to its wholesale club. It offers a lot of benefits to its members like saving offers, exclusive fuel prices, and one complimentary membership card to share with others.

SamsClub uses Rakuten marketing to monitor and analyze the affiliate program as well as allows the affiliates to create your won link to promote your sales by increasing conversion rates.

Its affiliate links include email, text links, banner ads, and images, etc. over 46,000 product links. So, you can make the best use of these links to get more traffic.


  • It provides a 7% commission on the memberships, 4% on all categories and 0% on computers, laptops, and gift cards.
  • It allows 3 days cookie lifetime.

5- Good Sam Travel Assist:

Good Sam Travel Assist is an emergency medical and travel service that facilitates the RV owners and travelers to help them with the RVs and traveling companions home after severe injury and illness.

It provides several benefits to its members like emergency medical monitoring and glasses replacement if your glasses are lost, broken, or stolen during a journey. They seek the help of Rukten marketing to run an affiliate program and offer specific art tracking tools to its affiliates as well as monthly commission checks so you can integrate their choice of creatives on your website or blog.

Good Sam Travel Assist program is available 24/7 to help its members.


  • It offers $13 to $15, recurring commission to its affiliates.
  • allows 10 days cookie period.

6- MonthlyClubs.Com:

The monthly club is growing rapidly and thus expanded its offer to some more clubs. It offers its members beer, cheese, wine, chocolate, cigar, alcohol, and power clubs. Their suggestions are flexible even they allow you to design your club.

You can get good ideas from about birthday, wedding ceremonies and vacations. It has the advanced features that’s why famous for beer and wine, like professionally designed creatives, keyword bidding, seasonal promotion and many more so you can choose a club of your own choice and informs them when which club they have to send and when.


  • It offers a commission to affiliates up to $12.
  • allows 90 days cookie period.

7- Genie Traveler:

Genie traveler provides internal deals to their member that they usually don’t expose to the public. They offer their services for more than 15,000 destinations around the world. With the travel hacks, you can save up to 70% of your cost.

Genie Travel offers various specific features to its affiliates like banner ads, text links, special discount offers as well as coupons.

They have a highly supportive team that is available all the time to help their associates and to guide them on how they can optimize their campaigns.


  • It provides 20% of the commission to the affiliates.
  • allows 60 days cookie lifetime.

8- WishList Products:

It is one of the best membership affiliate program that has such efficient tools that helps th WordPress site owners to create their membership sites. It provides in-house services.

It helps their members with tips, tricks, useful training courses, as well as access to other membership site owners for support and help.

It makes the use of affiliate programs easy for their affiliates like monthly payouts, and a collaborated team.


  • It provides a 30% commission to the affiliates.
  • allows lifetime cookie.
  • does not allow any commission to the affiliates on their shopping.

9- GoJoinGo:

It is a kind of travel club that helps its members to access the unpublished wholesale hotel rates up to 70% less than the retail prices. They are connected with more than 800,000 hotels all over the world.

The program is hosted on the website so the member can get exclusive discounts on flights, car rents, parking, room booking, and many more so you can save the right amount of money by GojoinGo.

It provides several incredible features and supports its affiliates by providing banner ads, text links, images, and other categories. Even the affiliates are allowed to share their coupon codes on their websites, blogs, social media post, and pages, etc.


  • Usually, it provides an amount of $25 to its affiliates and $ 1 for hotel bookings.
  • allows 60 days of cookie period.

10- Six-Figure Mentors:

You can increase your revenue by joining this program, as it will enable you to track the progress and record of your website.

If you are looking for a way to earn big commissions, then SFM is the best opportunity for you that you can achieve by making the best use of this program. It implies no restriction to join SFM as a paid member. It is amicable and straightforward to use.


  • It gives $20 to its every member.
  • Elite members can earn $1000 of extra commission on each sale.

11- MemberMouse:

MemberMouse supports its affiliate in every situation to promote its online marketing business. It doesn’t matter either you are selling service software or physical products; it provides you with an excellent platform where you can promote your business in less time.

It supports the members in handling various tasks and solves the issues that you face on the way of your business promotion. It is user-friendly you can quickly start working with this program and can start your marketing online.


  • It offers 20%commission on all sales for 1 year.
  • provides a $47.00 commission for an initial plan customer.
  • and offers a $1,437.00 commission for the professional plan customer.

12- Wild Apricot:

It is a web-based software designed specifically for level business and non-profit organizations to support the affiliates to manage their membership sites and other tasks related to online marketing.

It is a cloud-based software which means you don’t need to install anything on your laptop for running this program as it works with the help of a web browser. It is very reliable for beginners.


  • It provides 10% commission to the affiliate for the first two years on all organizations that you refer.

Here are Some Relevant Affiliate Programs For Publishers:


In this article, I have elaborated on the top membership affiliate programs that can benefit you a lot if you make use of the best strategies and select the best suitable membership affiliate program for earning money online and promoting your business.

Hopefully, the best membership affiliate programs will meet your needs as well as budget, thus enables you to get more traffic for your website.

If you are using Any Affiliate Program which is listed above then please share your experiences below

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