iPhone 15: What Is The Price Tags And Tax On It?

With any new series of iPhones, new features or specifications are unveiled, mesmerizing for the users.

This year, the iPhone has launched its iPhone 15 series, with quicker and more efficient performance than the old ones. Where the iPhone has gained all the fame because of its camera results, the iPhone 15 has enhanced photography capabilities, which allow the user to get more real or fantastic pictures.

Where it has exciting features, the iPhone 15 series also has a surprising price range, which is not affordable by a normal person. Although Apple has always launched products with high price tags, this one has crossed the limits.

If we talk about Pakistan, users are raising different questions about the high range prices of the iPhone 15 series. Along with prices in Pakistan, there is a tax on iPhones called the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tax. Despite having high-quality performance and amazing camera results, this iPhone is not so used in Pakistan because of its high price range and the extra tax that users have to pay.


Although all the iPhone 15 series have higher price tags, still, there are still some differences in the prices of the iPhone series. For example, an iPhone 15 with 128 GB will cost you PKR 236,000, 256 GB WITH PKR 265,000, and 512 GB WITH PKR 324,000. Like this, there is some difference in the price range of iPhone 15 plus with different GBs and iPhone 15 pro max.

With different GB, you have to pay different money. And if we talk about the extra tax on the iPhone 15 series, these prices dramatically increase the prices of the iPhone 15, dampening the excitement of the iPhone 15 series. Without paying tax for your iPhone, you won’t be able to use your SIM card in your iPhone. And without a SIM card, it won’t be useful other than a photo shoot.

If you pay the tax through a passport, it will be different from paying through the CNIC. iPhone 15 plus tax paid through passport will cost you 113,075, and with CNIC, it will cost you PKR 137,000. There is a huge difference in both prices. This is the same for both the iPhone 15 and iPhone Pro Max.

The everyday users of the iPhone are suffering from financial hit just because of the iPhone 15 price and its tax. If this series is without tax, it will be normal, but with tax on it, it will be difficult for many users to buy it. Many people still use the iPhone without paying tax; yes, this is true; in Pakistan, many people are using iPhone X, 7, 8, or any version without paying tax. But with that iPhone, they won’t make any calls. They will use that iPhone on wifi or hotspot. It will not be accessible for data connection. No SIM card will be used on that mobile phone unless you pay and register the tax.

iPhone has always been a hot topic for its high prices, but this iPhone 15 series has broken the whole record. People were deliberately waiting for the launch of the iPhone 15, but when they saw the price tag they just backed off because of its high price tax and the high price of tax they had to pay for their iPhone. 

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