Iphone 15 Rumors Before Event (2023)

iPhone 15: Leaks And Rumors Before The Event

Even before the opening event of Apple coming, all the rumors or leaks have been come out about the device being launched in the main event.
Not even a whole week is left in the grand event of Apple company, where they will launch or unveil the new iPhone device. Which everyone is thinking that it might be the iPhone 15, but still it is not confirmed yet that what that device will be. It has been heard that the new iPhone coming in the market will be totally different from the traditional iPhones. It is said that new iPhone are departing their ways frim the traditional design of iPhone which ahs been set from many years.

people are having their hopes so high but still they are not thinking to have the foldable device from the Apple company because they know that it won’t be happening. Apple company has always launched its products which have all the unique features. They always bring the surprises for their users. And this upcoming iPhone product is also a surprise which no one knows what will be. But still people have a lot of hopes in them. People are getting more and more clues from the invitation of Apple which says “Wonder lust”.

People are having many queries about the upcoming iPhone device that either it will have USB -C port or just like the previous ones. What will be the price ranges of this new iPhone product? Will this iPhone will have slimmer body?. All these questions are coming to the users mind. And also these questions will be answered only when the iPhone will be launched. We cant say anything about the features and the look that new iPhone will have, until the event of Apple. But despite of this people are having so much gossips and many rumors are being heard about the iPhone 15 series.

One of the rumors are , iPhone 15 series will have the USB- C port. But this rumor has many chances to be true and the iPhone 15 will have the USB-C port instead of the lightning port. This is just happening because of the pressure from the European Union that Apple has had the same charging style for many years and now it’s time to change it. But this feature has raised many questions are they going to launch all the iPhones with USB- C port or just will launch this news feature in EU. In iPhone 14 , the US version has the electronic SIM in it but the other versions retain the SIM slot.

Avi Greengart told the CNET,” there are larger ecosystem, security and accessory considerations with the power connector, so I think it is more likely that Apple moves all iPhones to USB-C in the iPhone 16 timeframe to comply with European regulations “. According to Seasoned Bloomberg, only the iPhone 15 Pro and the other model iPhone 15 pro Max will have the USB-C port this year. And the complete transition or transfer of iPhone to USB-C por6 will happen in the next year, this year it is not possible.

iPhone is the device which was always in a surprising level for their users. They always bring products which are totally unique from other devices and also this time with the launch of their new product iPhone 15 it is said that this iPhone will be totally different from the previous models of the iPhone and it will have many new features which are not yet introduced in the iPhones. So everyone right now is eagerly waiting for the event day of Apple so that they can get to see the new launch of iPhone.

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